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Est. 2012

Hand made instruments built for pleasure with love.

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Dear friends.

I intend these pages as a place for presentation of my big pleasure - to build new instruments. This web should bring some pictures and news about my workshop to you. Here you should find information about construction of new instruments, as well as possibility to gain used or new instruments built by myself in near future. I hope you will enjoy.

I added e-shop section, now you can purchase my instruments if you like. I plan to record some sound samples and place it to the mandolins each section in near future.
Your questions or any requests you can write to my e-mail: mishironinstruments@gmail.com

Story behind

How did it all start?

I began to think about my ownself built instrument several years ago. It was maybe in 2008 or 2009, when my friend and our bandmaster Pepa asked me to travel visit one guitar shop in Regensburg (Germany). Pepa had idea to buy new Collins guitar. He did not buy new guitar that time. Several months later he brought his new guitar to our band jig. From kit made guitar sounds suprisingly very well, sound can be compared to Martin or Collins manufactured guitars with no doubt.

Several months passed and Pepa brought his second built guitar, which he intended as Christmass gift to his father-in-law. The guitar was made of mahogany wood and sounds to me even better compare his first one! After several visits in Pepa's workshop and with promise to help me with finishing I start seriously meditate about constructing my own instrument as well. Now you can see the result of this decision at these pages.

My first mandolin I finished in December 2012 - it was simple flat top construction. Pepa in meantime finished his third superb piece and dobro as well. I will be happy to give you a link to his pages, but he still did not create any ones. Actually I am working on A5 custom modified mandolin for one friend, who wish to be anonymous yet. Progress of the work you can follow on these pages as well in pictures. 

If you have any question, please, don't hesitate to contact me, I will reply as soon as possible. See contact form at the bottom, don't see the advertisements, which allows me to maintain these pages alive and actual.

Sincerely yours Mish:) (-iron)

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Mishiron A5

Mishiron A5

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